Stand Magnifiers (Coil) Tilt – 3.0x / 8 D


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Bi-Aspheric Coil Stand Magnifier, Tilt     Magn: 3.0x / Diopters: 8  (Black)

Lens diameter 3.18″ (80.8 mm)

The Stand Magnifiers are available with eight different power variations (8 D to 76 D), and the lens is held at precisely the right working distance to give a clear and steady image. A tilt feature is added to the low power versions and a focus adjustment to the high power versions, so that they can be used with ordinary reading glasses.

Recommended worldwide by leading eyecare specialists, the COIL Hi-Power Magnifiers have established a reputation for functionality, durability and outstanding value. Each magnifier has an aspheric lens to give a sharp, distortion-free image. The acrylic lens material offers excellent clarity and strength. The magnifiers are designed for aesthetic appeal and comfortable grip in either right or left hand.  The light-weight frames are made from tough Polystyrene.



Tilt, Magn: 3.0x / Diopters: 8    (Prod. nr.: 13500)

Tilt, Magn: 4.0x / Diopters: 12  (Prod. nr.: 13501)

Fixed,  Magn: 6.0x / Diopters: 20   (Prod. nr.: 13502)

Fixed,  Magn: 8.0x / Diopters: 28   (Prod. nr.: 13503)

Fixed,  Magn: 10.0x / Diopters: 36  (Prod. nr.: 13504)

Fixed,  Magn: 12.0x / Diopters: 44  (Prod. nr.: 13505)

Adj.Focus,  Magn: 15.0x / Diopters: 56  (Prod. nr.: 13506)

Adj.Focus,  Magn: 20.0x / Diopters: 76  (Prod. nr.: 13507)




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