Trial Lens Case BK 1/T – Table Version (Oculus)

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Trial Lens Case BK 1/T – Table Version (Oculus)

The trial lenses in the BK line have a rim diameter of 38 mm (lens diameter 21 mm)

For use with trial frames UB 3, UB 4, UB 4 höhenverstellbar, UB 6 and Half-eye Trial Frames.


Content for Oculus Lens Case BK 1/T:

35 pairs each ± spherical 0.12 to 20D
17 pairs each ± cylindrical 0.25 to 6D
10 prism trial lenses
2 coloured lenses
2 cross hairs
1 occluder
1 plano lens
1 pinhole disc 1.25 mm
1 stenopaic slit 1.25 mm
1 Maddox cylinder, red
1 frosted lens

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